When we think about living from hand to mouth, associations of shortage and scarcity arise. Yet in order to make the most of everything available, someone who lives from hand to mouth has to be creative and mindful to turn something, others might consider worthless, into something beautiful.

This blog follows my day to day experiments in the kitchen, where I am trying to create something with my own hands so delicious that one instantly wants to pop it in the mouth. I let myself be inspired by the produce I find on the market depending on the season. Real, whole food  carefully prepared to avoid wastage – that is what  I am aiming at. So delicious and healthy that something humble turns into a luxury.

Follow me along!
To add some mouthfeel…
…to the philosophy, I thought about the things that would make up my last supper. It’ll give you an impression of what I love to eat – essentially it’s a very eclectic mix of bold flavours, because I like my greens bitter, my yoghurt sharp & tangy and my cheese very rich & full of umami…
First it would have to be a bitter aperitif like a Negroni.

For starters, I’d love seared scallops with brown butter and fried sage,
followed by a delicate portion of Vitello tonnato.

The main dish is the epitome of comfort to me: Baked aubergine filled with lamb’s mince seasoned with lots of smoked paprika and cumin, nutmeg & cinnamon and topped with tangy yoghurt, A LOT of parsley, toasted pine nuts and a good glug of high quality fruity olive oil served with an astringend, sharp and lemony salad of watercress or arugula. And because it’s the last supper I’ll have some super creamy (enter: tahini heavy) hummus with it. And a glass of really, really good red wine.

I cannot possibly make up my mind about the desserts, so it’ll have to be two:
Homemade labneh made of goat’s yoghurt, very thick but still creamy, with baked rhubarb, a drizzle of aromatic honey and roasted + salted pistachios.

And (this is the reason why I must NEVER buy tahini) roasted walnuts & sunflower seeds mixed with a lot (I mean it) of tahini, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt and topped with still frozen berries.

We could leave it here, but then again what would a last supper be without a cheese platter? I’d love an assortment of the highest quality cheeses including an old, rich gouda and a creamy, tangy goat’s cheese…

OR instead of all the fuss: The best grilled rye sourdough with smashed avocado + chili flakes and a bloody mary.