Starters & Light Meals

Cauliflower steaks with two versions of watermelon salsa

Pecorino spinach balls with sage butter

Green asparagus with lemon curd & dill gremolata

Two versions of zucchini flowers

Avocado on poppy-sesame-quinoa

Fennel carpaccio with grilled asparagus & roasted onions with pomegranate

Main dishes

Sardine & Kale Stuffed Heirloom Tomatoes

Pea fritters

Spring ravioli with Gorgonzola & wild garlic pesto

Celeriac & fennel fritters

Black pumpkin & sage risotto

Savoy cabbage praline with chestnut-hazelnut filling

Stuffed pattypan and gem squash

Fig & halloumi wraps with pistachio pesto

Aubergine filled with spiced pumpkin and crispy tempeh

Buckwheat summer tart

Collard greens with chickpeas & aubergine

Spelt tagliatelle with kohlrabi & rhubarb

Caramelized fennel with feta & quinoa

Goat’s cheese & rhubarb parcels


Grilled Romaine with Roquefort Dressing & White Currants

Fermented rhubarb & beetroot salad

Rhubarb & lentil salad

Roasted chickpea & herb salad

Caramelized chicory citrus salad

Purslane salad with blueberries

Asparagus-strawberry salad with za’atar-goat’s cheese ‘gnocchi’

Chickpea-cauliflower salad with sorrel & rhubarb

Blood orange & Swiss chard salad


Chilled kefir-cucumber soup with walnuts

Chilled kohlrabi soup with cashew horseradish cream & cress oil

Creamy cauliflower-almond soup with smoked paprika butter

Cauliflower soup with broad beans & almond-parsley pesto

Sweet Treats

Apricot Summer Cake with Pistachios

Plum & Pistachio Crumble

Gooseberry Galette with Goat’s Cheese & Sage

Homemade Kefir & Berry Ice Pops

Raw Matcha Cake

Homemade labneh with rhubarb & liquorice

Sheep’s milk cheesecake with poppy seeds

Bittersweet life – Intense flourless chocolate cake

Gingery rhubarb cheesecake

Tartelettes au citron

Basics & Condiments

Homemade kefir

Lacto-fermented rhubarb pickles

Whipped coconut cream

Wild garlic & pumpkin seed pesto

Smoking on the stovetop

Preserved lemons

Almond pesto

Almond milk